This document describes the Command Line Interface to plugemin. plugemin can be used to populate and render templates based on data passed in.

Basically, it takes a template as an argument with an optional argument for the data (which defaults to stdin). The template will be rendered for each line of data.

The input format is parsed using plugins. The following plugins are included by default with plugemin:

  • CsvInput: Reads a CSV, assumes that first row is a header
  • JsonInput: Reads JSON, assumes that each line is a JSON document
  • XmlInput: Reads XML, assumes that each line is an XML document and that there is just one level of children for the root node


$ cat input.csv | plugemin -t template.j2
$ cat input.json | plugemin -t template.j2 -p JsonInput
$ cat input.xml | plugemin -t template.j2 -p XmlInput

$ plugemin -t template.j2 -d input.csv
$ plugemin -t template.j2 -d input.json -p JsonInput
$ plugemin -t template.j2 -d input.xml -p XmlInput